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2020 College Carnival Ended In Success
— IFU Assists Your Studying Abroad Needs

IFU seniors are pleased to meet new and old friends online this year. The seniors shared how to adapt to the changes and how to become international talents in the increasingly fierce competition, and our guest speakers analyzed the environment and policy of universities in the United States. We hope that those activities are helpful to parents and students. Therefore IFU is one step closer to our goal——to make international families more at ease. We also hope that IFU can become a supporter of overseas students and families through IFU’s emergency contact assistant, Totoroad Academy, Peer Mentor Program, IFU’s regular free online webinars, and offline activities. Please do follow our official website here and ask IFU WeChat assistants for help! See you next year!

IFU In The News

COVID-19 Epidemic Donation

From the outbreak of epidemic in China in January, to the gradual spread into overseas, volunteers and staff of IFU strived to contribute to the prevention of epidemic for homeland and international students. During the epidemic, from January to May, IFU post 80+ articles of update of epidemic; held 1 online/offline donation both overseas and within China; 7 events of helping and protecting families of international students; 3 investigations of current states of families of international students; 2 speeches about public prevention of epidemic given by experts; 3 clock-in projects designed for international students staying overseas; 13 videos related to epidemic; 6 online academic lectures; academic seminars of seniors from 13 universities; 3 seminars specially held for international schools in China.

Our Work


We use social media to send the most authentic information about studying abroad and international student's daily life to parents; We communicate regularly with schools and parents, collecting each other's opinions and giving feedback to both parties in a timely manner.


We help families find their kids who have lost contact for more than 24 hours. We provide the best legal and psychological counselors in the United States from the California Bar Association.


We have official accounts on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, Weibo, Zhihu, Baidu Post Bar, etc., with a total follower of more than 20,000. The official account maintains a monthly growth of 10%.


We provide the best tutors, and high-GPA seniors to help international Chinese students steadily improve their GPA.


IFU volunteer team regularly leads IFU members and volunteers to participate in local public welfare activities. For example, we help children learn a language, fundraise for animal protection organizations, and food classification. In this way, we help international students reduce the pressure of studying and living overseas while training their self-communication and leadership skills.

Our Service

International Family Union (IFU) is composed of overseas seniors. It is a non-governmental organization that focuses on campus safety and serves international parents. Our services include "Totoroad" program courses, IFU members, IFU X DMA summer school, and GRE, CFA, H1B, OPT, CPT, and other related assistance. Please contact us if you want to know more or cooperate in the fields!


Tutoring and Mentorship

We hope to give international students and their families comprehensive supports in the aspect of studying abroad, including comparisons of institutions, academic plans and acculturation supports, by designing and offering advanced bridging programs and synchronous tutoring. Project Totoroad assembles the most outstanding student mentors in America to help new international students by presenting sophisticated academic and life experience and knowledge. We aim to help new students with first-hand information and expertise to avoid and overcome unnecessary obstacles the students may meet in the future.


Mental Support and Counseling

The IFU Peer Mentor Program is fully funded and supported by DH International Consulting. The program is free and open to all international students. IFU Peer Mentors will be the students’ best listeners and companions so that students can freely share their worries. Peer mentors will guide and inspire students to solve problems with their own experience and knowledge through one-on-one, face to face chat and group activities.


IFU Member & Student Identity Card

To support and appreciate the IFU culture, through simple registration operation (no interview required) to become our member's companions, IFU will send monthly events and share meeting information by email. At the same time, students holding the IFUxISIC International Student Card can enjoy worldwide discounts on life, travel, catering, law, and academics (see the store for specific discounts).


Legal Service & More

IFU and Hoolilaw, an overseas legal service platform, launched the '365 Studying Abroad Family Protection Plan' together, which only requires $ 1 per day to get professional lawyers' consulting services to solve various legal issues for the whole year! At the same time, IFU and Tuoyan Education to help international students with the GRE exam in the U.S. In 2018, among Tuoyan’s students with a score of 320 or higher, 63% of them reached 325 or higher their first test, and the highest score was 338. Tuoyan Education offers professional and specialized training courses for all international students studying abroad in the U.S.

Events in September

As Fall 2020 comes closer and closer, are you well prepared for the upcoming online semester? IFU Totoroad Academy is dedicated to providing help to all students in need, and we have organized a list of useful guidance and advice for those who may feel not prepared enough for the following academic school year. Please join us for the online workshop and get ready for a fresh start!

  • Sep. 5th: Totoroad Seminar — What You Have to Know Before the Fall Semester
  • Sep. 12th: Totoroad Academy Tutoring — 30-minutes Free Trial Class
  • Sep. 19th: Totoroad Seminar — Grad School Application
  • Sep. 26th: Totoroad Seniors Panel — Prep for New Semester: Zoom Discussion Session

* Tips: All the event dates are shown in U.S. time. Scan the QR code to sign up now!

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IFU Official WeChat Account

In the event of an emergency, IFU gives parents of international students timely help. Through the first perspective of international students, IFU transmitted the information on overseas campuses to alleviate the information gap between parents and children, and build a bridge between China and foreign countries. Want to get more news about international students in a timely manner; all kinds of practical dry goods, sharing of course lectures and so on.

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IFU Students Group Chat

As the saying goes, 'Stones from other mountains can attack jade', IFU (International Parent Union) hopes that all newcomers can get help on the road to glorious future, using the most effective Ways to inspire and guide you, so that you will no longer 'fight alone', so that you can move forward more firmly. Everyone can communicate and chat in this group, discuss study abroad, and plan a better university life.

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